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FX-Integrator is first of the next generation of automated-trading products

What can you earn?

By directing potential customers to the FX-Integrator Purchase page, there are different amounts to be earned, depending on which option has been chosen.

When FX-I is purchased Outright or for a Managed Account, you will receive 20% of £2,000 or £400 minus payment-processor charges.  This converts to roughly $600 USD, depending on the prevailing exchange-rate.  There will be no recurring affiliate commission after the initial sale on Managed Accounts.

Leasing Option #1 at £60 per month: Your commission rate will be 20% of £60 or £12 every month = $19 USD
This may seem low in comparison to other affiliate programs, but one thing has to be considered -- the FX-Integrator makes money and this should be reason enough for customers to stay for the long haul.  You can build up a very nice residual income from increasing your customer base.

Leasing Option #2 at £150 per 3 Months: The same 20% commission rate applies to this second leasing option; £30 per quarter = $47 USD.

Important Note: The TSG-9 plug-in is just the first of many FX-I trading-systems that you can promote.

The major FX-Integrator launch with the TSG-9 Plug-in, is planned for mid May, 2012

The number of affiliates who are invited to promote FX-Integrator will be quite limited.  We give preference to list-owners who have experience with MetaTrader Expert-Advisors, and are able to offer their clients some level of support for queries of a general nature.

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