Why do most Trading Robots fail?

Trading Robots were supposed to replace the need for human intervention -- this Plug-in-and-Go concept has failed to meet expectations for any extended period.

So why have they not lived up to our expectations?

Put quite simply ...

A good Human trader will understand Probability, Risk-to-Reward ratio, and the need to use tight Money Management controls on every trade.

The FX-Integrator has addressed these Money Management pitfalls with a number of unique features to help automated trading become the successful concept it was meant to be.

  • The first ever central-control application
  • EA Pause feature (for use before news events)
  • Multiple-Block trading
  • Equity Risks and Targets
  • Block Risks and Targets
  • Two-Stage Trailing Stops feature
  • Session Start / Finish times
  • Number of Blocks per Session
  • Session Risks and Targets
  • Instant Close-All-Now feature
  • Anti-Spike Entry
  • Outset pip control
  • Blushing Smiley-Face communicator

If this wasn't enough, the FX-Integrator core has the ability to accommodate any number of TSGs, (Trade Signal Generators) as Plug-ins.

The FX Integrator comes complete with an easy installation wizard for those who want an install-and-go, automated trading robot.  The standard settings for the FX-Integrator with the default TSG-3 plug-in are producing consistent, reliable profits.  These default settings are on the conservative side to protect your account at all times -- see results on the Account-Proof page.

FX-Integrator Updates and Newsletters

For anyone with an interest in FX-Integrator, we would welcome your subscription to either the Newsletter to keep abreast of new developments, or to the Update-List so as to be advised when updates and new releases become available.

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The Way Ahead

Why do most Human Traders fail?


Most human traders do a good job of selecting the correct market direction and entry points, but fail to control their inner FEAR & GREED.

  • Fear + Greed = Emotions
  • Emotions = Lack of Discipline
  • Lack of Discipline = Poor Risk-to-Reward
  • Poor Risk-to-Reward = Bad Money Management

Bad Money Management will destroy the trader and pile on extra Emotions.

This downward spiral continues until the trader either quits from emotional exhaustion, or they run out of money.

One of the main features of the FX-Integrator, it its ability to trade in Blocks, (default setting of 10 trades per Block), which means treating a Block of 10 trades as if it was 1 big trade split into 10 parts.

A loss on a few of the trades inside the Block is not a problem, and the emotional trader is not going to miss the next trade because of fear -- the Block of 10 trades will keep going and, because the Risk-To Reward is favourable, the chances of having a successful Block are vastly increased.

Trading this way produces consistent profits and when linked together with all the other Money Management controls build into the FX-Integrator, it is hard to see why it will be anything other than profitable.

The FX-Integrator is Brand New and every user will be issued with a personal license to discourage unauthorized distribution in cyberspace, a practice that is all too common today.

Trade-Signal Generator #3

The base FX-Integrator ships with at least one plugin module or TSG.  For the initial release the plugin will be TSG-3.  This trading system plug-in has been specially written to trade with the trend, simlar to how as a human trader would work.

When this EA is initially started, it may appear that nothing is happening and you could start asking questions.  Not to worry!  In fact the software’s intelligence is processing away in the background, assessing what has happened in the recent past, and how the current price-action fits this structure.  The software is selecting an optimal entry point to begin trading.  This follows closely the way a human-trader will watch the market action before diving in.

The TSG-3 trading system has two main options:

  • Trade with a pre-set target
  • Trade without a pre-set target

Trading without a pre-set target means that the trend will be followed all the way until the price action closes the trade out, possibly on a substantial retracement. This methodology is suitable for traders who do not panic easily, and understand how just one or two good trades can reverse any small losses and return a healthy profit.

Trading with a pre-set target will mean the software will bank the profits, and instead of jumping straight back in with another trade, will go through the start-up process again.  This style of trading can help the trader who has a pre-determined Risk-to-Reward ratio.

Limited Licenses

Because the FX-Integrator has only recently completed the beta-test cycle, we are aiming for a controlled release at this stage.  Although there has been extensive testing over the last few months, we might still experience some usability issues that could have been overlooked.

One thing is very obvious, even at this early stage – The FX-Integrator is consistently profitable, and further development will only enhance its durability and performance.  We plan to make a full public release of the FX-Integrator towards the end of 2011 at a retail price of $1000 USD.  By this time the FX-Integrator will be in use for those Fund Managers who have expressed enthusiastic interest in using the Integrator, particularly in relation to its Money Management controls.

The FX-Integrator will have a retail price of $1,000 USD (as from the full release)

Anyone wishing to obtain a pre-release copy of this ground-breaking software, can do so at $300 USD.

The FX-Integrator team would prefer a small and steady stream of customers rather than the big all-at-once rush.

Please take time to consider this offer as we do not want you to rush in.  Then you should ask yourself two important questions.

1.  Do you want to use ground-breaking automated software that works?

2.  Do you want to access a ground-floor opportunity at a ground-floor price?

Be in no doubt that the FX-Integrator will be priced at $1,000 USD after the initial test period has finished.

The FX-Integrator has been built to last, and to raise the standard for all future Trading Robots.

As the FX-Integrator is new, we have not accrued months of account-statements to show at this stage -- hence the HEAVILY DISCOUNTED PRICE.  However, please be assured that FX-Integrator is performing very well and will only get better and better, as the development progresses.

The Integrator is attracting some serious attention from other automated trading-system developers who are keen to work within the FXI framework, thus benefitting from the money-management and security features for future products.

CLUB MEMBERSHIP:  As a special bonus for being one of the first users of the FX-Integrator, we would like to offer you six months free club-membership, dating from the official launch of Club.  The Club will be a community of traders who will be able to see all new products currently in development, and extra licenses will be issued to those members who actively contribute to product development by contributing useful feedback.

Refund Policy.

If for any reason FX-Integrator does not suit your needs, we offer a full refund as long as the refund request is made within 14 days of the purchase date.  While this may be less than the refund period for some other expert systems, we hope it will provide ample opportunity to decide that FX-Integrator does what it claims.  In addition, it allows us to focus support on committed clients rather than folks who are just looking around.

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